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Who We Are

PRMA was formed 9 years ago to establish an association designed to benefit those companies that are engaged in the residential and/or industrial/lumber mill real estate business. Members can advance their education in how to appropriately manage those properties’ risks to lower costs and increase returns.​

Membership in PRMA includes the following benefits: monthly newsletter, exclusive market intelligence and education, access to selected service providers, unique affinity programs, and the PRMA property insurance program (subject to insurers’ underwriting approval).

PRMA Mission

                Preparing our Members for a Safer and Less Volatile Future.

PRMA Vision

      To guide members on how to best mitigate risk for their properties.

How We're Different

With the ever changing marketplace, PRMA’s sustained success has been predicated on building sincere relationships, based on our core values, to every party involved in our ecosystem. From the insurers to the agencies to the properties – PRMA has maintained the highest level of transparency so all members are invested in the Association’s success. Our exclusive insurance program is the run by experts in the field.

With a dedicated staff devoted to growing the value of your membership, PRMA can continue to grow your membership's value. PRMA will focus on building community, sharing exclusive best practices and providing members the timely information they need to mitigate risk for their properties, these enhanced benefits will allow PRMA to continue to be best in class.